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Energy provider / oil / gas

You can fully rely on our decades of TOP product quality in your project. With the certified and standardised production of all mobile space solutions, you are able to implement customised and simple individual solutions for your employees. Regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent project. We can look back on numerous projects in Europe, Russia and Africa, which we have successfully handled for our international customers.


Thanks to our flexible modular system with interchangeable wall elements and easy assembly, even large-scale buildings can be assembled and completed to your full satisfaction within the shortest possible time. Subsequent adaptations such as additional windows, air conditioners or a relocation of the entire system can be implemented at short notice and without great expense.


With 6 of our own European production plants, we ensure prompt and continuous availablility of all container types. With more than 50,000 container units sold, we are Europe's market leader in "mobile space systems".

Your advantages

  • Rapid installation by local assembly teams
  • Low transport costs (transpack container)
  • Perfect insulation for hot and cold climates
  • High flexibility in interior design thanks to interchangeable wall panels
  • Uncomplicated subsequent adaptations in interior design thanks to the flexible modular system
  • Simple construction, transfer and re-assembly if the modular building(s) need to be moved to a new location


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Example configuration

In order to optimise transport costs, we have developed the Transpack container (flat-pack portable cabin), which is not assembled until it reaches the desired destination. With this cost-saving system, up to ten 20' portable cabins and accommodation units including wall elements can be transported on a truck. With this cost-saving system, up to ten 20' portable cabins and accommodation units including wall elements can be transported on a truck. For projects across multiple continents, we can safely package the Transpack containers in a special design in shipping containers and send them by plane or ship. Once the individual cabinss have been delivered to their destination, they are assembled by our competent local partner companies to form a modular building.


The staff accommodation can be perfectly combined with recreation areas, canteens, fitness rooms or changing rooms. In terms of sanitary facilities, WCs and hand wash basins with disabled access are also available for your employees if required. The smallest staff accommodation is approx. 15m2 and there is almost no upper limit. You decide on the size and layout of the modular building, the arrangement of partitions and doors, room lighting, glazing types, lights right up to the required number of sockets. The resulting buildings can be expanded as required and reused for a wide variety of applications.


Here you can see some example configurations for staff accommodation:

Suitable products

For the implementation of your space solution in the "energy, oil and gas" sector, our portable cabins and sanitary cabins are available, which can be flexibly combined and adapted to your individual requirements.
Portable cabin

Portable cabins and accommodation units with lots of equipment options for your immediate use.

Sanitary cabin

Sanitary solutions with disabled access, fresh water and complete facilities for your project.

Equipment options

Our professional spare parts management guarantees fast delivery of accessories and spare parts, which are available for years. The replacement of worn parts will thus be guaranteed in the coming decades.


Due to the flexible modular system, the space modules for staff accommodation can be customised to your exact requirements and adapted at any time. In order to ensure an excellent indoor climate in the most diverse climatic zones, there are many high-quality insulation variants to choose from: e.g. MW (mineral wool), PU (polyurethane), PIR (polyisocyanurate) or SW (rock wool).


Depending on requirements - whether warm or cold climates - you can even choose the ideal thermal insulation for your staff accommodation. Various heating systems and air-conditioning options are available for mobile accommodation. The indoor climate of your CONTAINEX space modules can be optimally adjusted so you and your employees enjoy maximum comfort!


Here you can see some equipment options for staff accommodation:

Financing options

CONTAINEX cabins can be purchased, rented or leased, depending on the installation time and budget. Let our employees advise you on the best financing option for you, without any obligation, by completing the contact form.

Case Studies

Staff accommodation, Libreville in Gabon
Staff accommodation, Libreville in Gabon
Office complex for a power plant in Newport, GB
Office complex for a power plant in Newport, GB
Construction site accommodation for "Carrington power station"
Construction site accommodation for "Carrington power station"
Office and common rooms, NO-Bergen
Office and common rooms, NO-Bergen
Site office container facility at a refinery in Burgas, Bulgaria
Site office container facility at a refinery in Burgas, Bulgaria
Energy provider / oil / gas
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