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A feel-good space - CONTAINEX delivers proven space systems for the community

Communal feel-good solutions!

For over 30 years, communities across Europe have used portable and residential cabins from CONTAINEX to build nurseries, schools or club houses.

In the last 30 years, CONTAINEX has built numerous community projects, at home and abroad, using cabin modules. The modular construction allows for a variety of design possibilities. Thanks to their flexibility, accommodation blocks can be installed in any size or configuration on any site that has an electricity connection, a running water supply and a drainage channel. The easy management of these space modules represents a significant advantage.

The high production capacity of CONTAINEX - cabins are produced in the six European production plants - enables short delivery times and thus quick solutions, even at short notice.

The systems can be expanded and re-used for a wide range of applications. Thus, large modular systems can be easily disassembled and used for other projects. Examples of this include nurseries, schools, changing rooms, sports clubs or asylum seeker accommodation.

The subsequent adaptation of an existing system for the new requirements is developed on site with our field staff. Thus, you always receive a suitable concept from us, even if there are large fluctuations in the number of people.

Our service offer

  • Planning takes into account the legal framework
  • Direct sale and rental or via selected dealers
  • Production in accordance with strict environmental and quality standards of the CONTAINEX Green Technology
  • Individual adaptation to your specific requirements
  • Over 30 years of experience in the communal sector
  • Personal advice and support on site


Children are important to us and therefore we have developed child-friendly designs in order to optimise the feel-good factor in our mobile space systems.

With all-round support from CONTAINEX you get the flexibility you need if the number of children fluctuates strongly from year to year. We have years of experience with predefined design examples that are quick and easy to implement thanks to the flexible modular system.

In order to largely relieve you in your preparation stage, all our points are focussed on quick and easy processing.
Kindergarten - fixe Erweiterung
Kindergarten - Fixed extension
Kindergarten - Group room
"Colourful" nursery
With full glazing options, the well-lit, bright rooms create a friendly space for children and students. We have developed special nursery windows for an optimal view outside.

The simple and flexible wall system guarantees an individual room layout. Particularly in exercise rooms ball-proof lights are an important detail, ensuring safe games and gymnastics.

Even in the sanitary area the little ones are not forgotten. Child-friendly toilets and washing facilities are available. Nurseries and schools can be used temporarily or in the long term, depending on your requirements. The extremely robust and simple construction allows subsequent adaptation or even relocation of the entire system.

The various possibilities for re-using the system are greatly appreciated by our customers. After it has been disassembled by our professional assembly team, there is nothing to stop it being reused, for example as a club house.
Ball-proof lights
Nursery window
Child-friendly sanitary fixtures

Flexibly adapted to your nursery

  • Group rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • Kitchens and common rooms
  • Changing rooms and cloakrooms
  • Sanitary facilities


If a school is renovated or needs to be extended short term, CONTAINEX is the perfect partner. In a school made of cabins, everything is exactly the same as in a permanent structure. For example, a complete school was built using flexible space modules in just 2 months in Feldbach, Austria.

The school consists of 455 portable and sanitary cabins and along with a grammar school, a business school and a teachers college for economic vocations, there is an administrative building and the Feldbach council library.

The bright and friendly rooms created space for 1,300 pupils. By leaving out wall panels and installing partition walls any room sizes can be created.
Aerial view of the school in Feldbach
Secondary school Feldbach

Your advantages

  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Individual floor layout
  • Work spaces with perfect lighting
  • well-lit, bright spaces with fixed glazing
  • Current fire regulations taken into account
  • Re-use of the space modules for other purposes
  • Planning safety even with large fluctuations in the number of children
  • Most comfortable feeling due to the most modern Insulation materials


Clubs are not only interested in temporary solutions for special events, but also use our container products as permanent solution. Different national and international sports clubs, e.g. football, ice hockey, American football or golf, rely on our sophisticated solutions. We can look back on an impressive number of reference Projects where we have considered the club's individual image, e.g. team colours.

The extremely robust and durable products can be used for decades, regardless of the season.. With our various full glazings, and external panelling options implemented by partner companies, we work with you to develop extravagant solutions for your club shop. These are adapted to your requirements and your budget.
Changing room
Football club house
Club shop

Your advantages

  • the optimal solution for every budget
  • perfect as a permanent or temporary solution
  • Individual image
  • Many years of experience with clubs and various events
  • special window solutions for POS and kiosks (hatch/windows with speak hole/sliding window)
  • Full glazings
  • special, extremely robust and durable design variants
Sanitary cabins with exterior foiling
Club house with fixed glazing
Youth hostel with wooden facade

Different design variants for

  • Changing rooms
  • Massage rooms
  • Club shop
  • Washrooms and sanitary facilities
  • Club canteens
  • Press rooms

Accommodation for asylum seekers

Info sheet Accommodation for asylum seekers
The lack of short-term and weather-proof accommodation for asylum seekers requires swift action by many municipalities.

In Europe, CONTAINEX is a front-runner when it comes to accommodation for refugees and immigrants from conflict areas. In recent years, numerous accommodations for asylum seekers have already been built using container modules. Thus, various residential homes and hostels have emerged in Hamburg, Hall/Tyrol, Innsbruck, Lyon, Bucharest or Zurich.

The largest project was implemented in Berlin, together with local partner companies. Within a few months, several complexes were erected using more than 1,600 space modules, which can accommodate more than 2,400 refugees. Here, the residents aren't denied any comfort. For the children, our partners created large open spaces and play areas outside!
Accommodation for asylum seekers in Fellbach
Accommodation for asylum seekers in Berlin
"Family block" in Innsbruck
The high production capacity of CONTAINEX - cabins are produced in the six European production plants - enables short delivery times and thus quick solutions, even at short notice. The systems can be expanded and re-used for a wide range of applications.

Examples include club houses, youth centres, event centres, replacement buildings for building restorations etc. We offer an excellent price/performance ratio and various financing options.

Technical solutions

According to local building regulations and fire safety regulations, various insulation options can be selected: MW (mineral wool), PU (Polyurethane), PIR (Polyisocyanurate) or SW (rock wool)

In addition, modular space systems from CONTAINEX can be equipped with various heating systems and air conditioning facilities, and comply, depending on requirements, with the highest fire safety regulations (REI 30/60/90). The legal requirements for insulation values can also be complied with. The technical requirements for floor and roof load are up to 500 Kg/m2 (net floor load capacity).
Thermal insulation for space systems
Thermal insulation for space systems

U-values at a glance

  • Floor U-value up to: 0,16
  • Wall U-value up to: 0,2
  • Roof U-value up to: 0,15
  • Window U-value up to: 1,1
  • * U-value = u-value measured in W/(m²K) - refers to the stated insulation thicknesses

Depending on the country or municipality, various statutory provisions for residential modules must be observed. For that reason, we endeavour to incorporate these in the planning phase so that there are no unexpected surprises later. Barrier-free or child-friendly sanitary facilities (e.g. child toilets) hugely increase the feel-good factor.

The use of fully-glazed walls can create well-lit, bright rooms. These provide, together with the perfect lighting and the room layout, a pleasant place to reside or work. Due to these high-quality facilities, operating costs can be reduced to a minimum.

Our cabins are produced according to the strict environmental and quality standard "CONTAINEX GREEN technology". According to the quality and environmental standards defined by CONTAINEX, this ensures a closed circuit from material purchasing to cabin delivery. The supplier selection, production and quality assurance are also carried out according to these standards.

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Experience our quality for yourself

  • buildings up to 3 storeys high
  • Thermal insulation up to "low-energy house level"
  • individual floor layout
  • Equipment for various applications
  • Painting according to CTX-RAL-chart

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GREEN technology
Your advantages
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Personal advice on site
  • Immediate delivery / direct delivery
  • Countless combinations
  • Own installation teams on site   
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